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  • Hydrate100 offers superior hydration to maintain performance levels.
  • Provides 4 electrolytes, 3 vitamins and zero sugar.
  • Drink before, during and after a game.

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TrionTotte®Hydrate100 Effervescent Tablets are designed for sportspersons who want a great tasting orange flavoured drink, packed with electrolytes and vitamins but don't want any carbohydrate or sugar.

Electrolyte tablets are the most practical way to maintain your hydration levels by replacing both fluids and electrolytes. Hydrate100 Tablets contain a precise combination of salts, vitamins and minerals to restore your electrolyte balance. Our formula of four electrolytes and three vitamins packed into these convenient tablets also provide a great tasting solution for your kitbag.


Key Benefits

Rapidly Replaces Fluid and Electrolytes. It also contains caffeine for that extra boost required while training or playing a sport.


We work with top professional playersphysiotherapists and nutritionists from elite clubs to develop ideal solutions to the needs of sportspersons. This is why we are trusted by Professionals

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Customer Reviews

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Hydrates body instantly

Very nice & good for endurance events.
Have used hydrate 100 for my cycling training ride, it hydrates body instantly.