TrionTotte® Coach Tape

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TrionTotte® Coach Tape has been developed by sports medicine experts for ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist tape jobs. As it is easy to tear by hand, elite level soccer players often use trainer's tape/sports tape to keep shin guards in place. Because of its high quality manufacturing, it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms easily to the body part that is being taped, sticking securely to skin or on top of pre-tape or TrionTotte® Underwrap.

Also ideal for use as binding on handles of cricket bats, tennis racquets and hockey sticks.



1. Cotton substrate
2. Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions
3. Soft and comfortable
4. Good tensile strength
5. Non elastic, provide maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation
6. Zigzag edge, Easy tear by hand lengthwise and widthwise
7. Strong and reliable stickiness
8. Constant unwinding tension
9. leaves no residue on body parts