TrionTotte® Knee Compression Sleeve

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PERFECT KNEE SUPPORT FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES: Premium quality support featuring non-slip design for ultimate comfort and support, suitable for everyday activities and sports including running, skiing, golf, football, basketball, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, walking & many more.

PAIN RELIEVING KNEE BRACE: Medically engineered to help relieve pain associated with arthritis, aching joints, as well as aid recovery from meniscus tears, ACL, patella injuries and runners knee. Reduces stress and strain, providing stability to weak and injured knees.

ARTICULATED KNEE SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY: Silicone pad around the knee, double-sided metal spring bracket close to the knee joint. These special features enhance side support and maintain joint stability. Non-Slip Silicone Grip Wave and highly elastic fabric to avoid sliding up and down during exercise and movement.

FAST PAIN RELIEF & SPEED UP THE HEALING PROCESS: Whether you suffer from intermittent or constant knee pain; give your knees instant support and enjoy speedy pain relief. Additionally, targeted compression will help encourage blood circulation, reducing inflammation/swelling and speeding up the recovery healing process.